Tips For Initiating Contact With An Adoption Agency As A Birth Mother

The decision to place your baby for adoption is a big one. One of the first steps in this process is to contact an adoption agency, learn a little more about their processes, and talk to them to see if this truly is the path you want to take. But making this initial contact can be difficult and anxiety-inducing. Here are some tips that can help you take that first step.

Read reviews of the agency first.

Some of your hesitation to contact the agency might come from uncertainty. You're not sure what to expect, what will be asked of you, or whether the organization you're about to contact shares your values. A good way to get some clarity on these things is to read some reviews of the agency. Read reviews from birth parents, and also some reviews from adoptive parents. This will give you a better idea of how the organization works on both sides and what you can expect. Having a little more certainty in these regards can make you more comfortable contacting the agency.

Consider simply sending an email.

Does showing up in person to meet with the agency's representatives seem like too much? Maybe even making a phone call makes you feel overly anxious. If you've been putting off contacting the agency because these approaches are tough, just send an email. Include plenty of details in your email, take a deep breath, and hit send. When you send an email, you have more time to really think about and hone the words you use. You also get more time to think about and process any response you get. Plus, you can share the response email with a friend or your baby's other parent and get their insight.

Know that you don't have to commit.

Remember that simply contacting an adoption agency does not mean you're committing to give your baby up for adoption. You can have a conversation with the agency or even many conversations with the agency and in the end, decide it's not for you. Look at this first meeting or conversation as a chance to start exploring adoption as an option. It's one small step, and that can make it less intimidating.

If you're a pregnant woman who is considering adoption for your baby, reach out to an adoption agency near you. Just send an email if that's all you can manage. Generally, the staff are well trained to help you feel comfortable and honestly explore your options from this point forward. For more information, contact an adoption agency near you.

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