Top Benefits Of An Open Adoption

An unplanned pregnancy can be very stressful. Many women discover that they are pregnant but know they are unable to raise the child. In this type of situation, adoption can be a great solution. When it comes to adoption, a birth mother can opt for an open or closed adoption. With a closed adoption, the birth mother does not have any contact with the child or adoptive family after the adoption is finalized. On the other hand, in an open adoption, the birth mother remains in contact with the child and his adoptive parents. In many cases, an open adoption works better for all parties. Some of the top benefits of an open adoption include:

Peace of Mind for the Birth Mother

Many women find it very difficult to go through a full pregnancy and give birth only to hand over their baby and never see them again. Even if a woman knows that she is not prepared to raise the child, there is often a bond between mother and child. Opting for an open adoption can give a birth mother great peace of mind. The birth mother will be able to form a relationship with the adoptive parents and stay in touch as the child grows. Some open adoptions include regular updates with photographs, while others may involve regular in-person visits. The level of contact in an open adoption is decided by the birth mother and the adoptive parents.

Psychological Benefits for Adopted Children

It is not uncommon for children who are adopted through a closed adoption to struggle with feelings of abandonment, even when they have very loving adoptive parents. Thus, an open adoption can greatly benefit an adopted child. The child will be able to have contact with their birth mother during childhood so that questions about why the decision to choose adoption can be answered. A child placed in an open adoption will also not have to deal with locating their birth mother when they become an adult.

An Understanding of Family History

In an open adoption, the birth mother will be able to provide the adoptive parents with important information about the child's family history. This information can include medical history as well as the child's heritage. A child who is placed in an open adoption won't have to wonder what their birth family is like, since the birth mother can provide any information that is needed. 

If you're thinking, "I must give my baby up for adoption," contact an adoption agency.

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